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The Controlled Environment Facility consists of 166 plant growth chambers at two locations. CEF-A is located behind the UCD Police and Fire station. This location opened in July 1994. CEF-B is located on the courtyard level of Life Sciences Addition. Chamber controls include light intensity, temperature, relative humidity, photoperiod and plant irrigation systems. The facility contains many specialized units, such as a dew chamber for virus and pathogen inoculation, 15 chambers that control CO2 levels within the chamber up to 2500 parts per million, 1 chamber is available for low temperature [-10C]: experiments, 1 chamber with a M10 fluorescent / incandescent lamp canopy and another chamber is equipped with a chemical air drier for low humidity studies.

Controlled Environments Inc. [Conviron] 1-800-363-6451 (www.conviron.com) manufactured all the chambers in the facility. Some chambers can be equipped with custom watering systems for irrigation and fertilizer. The building has a potting room for researchers to prepare plants for the chambers. Horticulture supplies are available for the researchers, including potting soil, pots, fertilizers, labels, and plant stakes, etc. The facility is available to any faculty, staff or student whose research calls for a controlled environment.

The chambers are rented on a monthly recharge that varies by chamber size and function. The charge includes use of the chamber, programming of the researcher's desired conditions, and data logging.